Evaluation of ‘Parents Involved in their Children’s Learning’ (PICL) project

Funded by Midlothian Sure Start.

For the last 15 years, Midlothian Sure Start have been working with the Pen Green Centre, which offers education and care for children under the age of five and their families. The centre runs a teacher training course on a pedagogic approach that places particular emphasis on the parents involvement with the child's learning (PICL). A crucial aim of this approach is that parents reframe their representations of their child’s learning. Midlothian Sure Start of the last 15 years, have incorporated this pedagogic approach to their own provision of early years care, supporting parents and their children. Midlothian Council fund this provision. Between August 2019 and March 2020, a cohort of 24 teachers will undergo training in the PICL approach.

Methods This project aims to conduct an evaluation of this provision using a mixed-methods approach.

  • Ten teachers will keep a fortnightly diary over a two month duration.
  • These teachers will also take part in a semi-structured interview.
  • Fifteen parents will complete a questionnaire providing basic demographic information and perceptions of their child’s learning. They will complete this questionnaire twice. Once as they begin their involvement with the provision and again towards the end of their involvement.
  • These same 15 parents will take part in a semi-structured interview.

Total award value £7,584.00

People (2)


Dr Hannah Hale

Dr Hannah Hale

Research Fellow, NMAHP

Professor Jane Callaghan

Professor Jane Callaghan

Director Child Wellbeing & Protection, Social Work