Targeted Advertising with Computer Vision (TACV)

Funded by Scottish Funding Council.

This project will apply specialist knowledge of visual computing to an enhanced targeted advertising technology. There is existing hardware in the form of a portable electronic billboard which is mounted on an employee’s shoulders. The billboard has an inbuilt camera. We propose using visual computing image recognition algorithms to provide industrial partners with the ability to identify customers who are visiting retail premises after viewing the advertisement. This identification process will build a feature set based on GDPR compliant data – such as colours of, and structural appearance of, clothing. This will allow advertising agencies to have provable effectiveness, impacting the Scottish, and potentially international, economy. The objective of this project is a proof-of-concept which will be used for further collaboration, in which novel search heuristics can be used to identify customers for whom the advertisement was convincing.

Total award value £4,959.11


Dr Deepayan Bhowmik
Dr Deepayan Bhowmik

Lecturer, Computing Science