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Services for Children Experiencing Domestic Abuse

Funded by Action for Children.

This study is commissioned by children’s charity, Action for Children. The research aims to explore if there is currently a strong enough requirement on local authorities and their partners to provide services to children affected by domestic abuse, or if this needs to be strengthened. The research will investigate how support for children affected by domestic abuse varies across local authority areas in England. Interviews will be conducted with relevant stakeholders and professionals working in statutory and voluntary organisations, including those within domestic violence and abuse services, police and social care. Analysis of interview data will enable identification of how local partners in respective local authorities respond to the needs of children affected by domestic abuse. Specifically, the study will seek to establish the nature and number of services that are available to children and young people in these areas, and how they are accessed (type of referral needed), commissioned and funded. The study will assess how effective different local systems are in ensuring that children who have experienced domestic abuse receive the support they need.

Total award value £9,978.74


Professor Jane Callaghan
Professor Jane Callaghan

Director Child Wellbeing & Protection, Social Work

Ms Tanya Beetham
Ms Tanya Beetham

Research Assistant, Social Work

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