Dr Barbara Schuler

Research Assistant

Education Room 2T1 R.G. Bomont Building University of Stirling Stirling FK9 4LA

Dr Barbara Schuler

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Topic: Notions of creativity: Exploring its place in 'high-stakes' subject-based assessment (Collaborative studentship - ESRC/SQA)

Creativity; curriculum development; Scottish education policy; philosophy of education; sociology of education

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Research Report

Hennessy A, Ramjan C, Priestley A, Bradfield K & Schuler B (2021) Developing Partnerships between schools, students’ families, and the wider community [THE IMPACT OF SUPPORTING SCHOOLS USING CONNECT’S PARTNERSHIP SCHOOLS SCOTLAND (PSS) PROGRAMME TO DEVELOP RELATIONSHIPS WITH PARENTS/CARERS]. Connect (Scottish Parent Teacher Council). Edinburgh. https://connect.scot/application/files/3316/1668/7995/Developing_partnerships_between_schools_students_and_the_wider_community_2021__1.pdf



2017-18 teaching: Education and sociology undergraduate modules.