Dr Alan Law

Lecturer in Nature-Based Solutions

Biological and Environmental Sciences Room 4B157, Cottrell Building, University of Stirling, Stirling, FK9 4LA

Dr Alan Law

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About me

My research interests revolve around freshwater environments; the most important ecosystems on our planet (in my opinion). I am particularly interested in assessing and restoring biodiversity in wetlands, ponds, lakes and rivers, whilst considering wider processes such as biogeochemical cycles and the aquatic:terrestrial interface.

Freshwaters are at the interface or linked to the majority of all ecosystems worldwide, so their quality and quantity is crucial. Yet they are suffering catastrophic biodiversity losses, mismanaged and neglect.

Developing a greater understanding of these ecosystems in a changing world is now imperative and I have the honour to play a part in this. I’m particularly interested when freshwater systems interact with community ecology, rewilding, species reintroductions and carbon cycling.

As a lecturer at Stirling I can build on my expertise in freshwater science and indulge my love of freshwater biodiversity and answer three fundamental research questions that have amazed me for as long as I can remember; i) what is that?, ii) why is it here? and iii) what does it do? 

Brief biography:

• Lecturer in Ecology (2019 - current)

• Post-doctoral researcher, Univ. Stirling, NERC Hydroscape (2015-2019)

• University teacher, Univ. Glasgow (2014-2015)

• PhD, Univ. Stirling, Ecological impacts of reintroduced beavers to Scotland (2010-2014)

• Biologist, Clyde River Foundation (2009-2010)

• MRes in Ecology and Environmental Biology, Univ. Glasgow (2008-2009)

• BSci (hons) Zoology, Univ. Glasgow (2004-2008).

Copies of my publications and technical reports can be found on my personal page (https://anebulosus.wordpress.com/).

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