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Temperature controls on coralline algal skeletal growth

Kamenos NA & Law A (2010) Temperature controls on coralline algal skeletal growth. Journal of Phycology, 46 (2), pp. 331-335.

Many marine and terrestrial organisms lay down regular growth bands. In some species (e.g., trees), control of growth band geometry is related to environmental conditions. Coralline algae are long-lived marine plants with a global distribution that lay down regular calcitic growth bands composed of more- and less-extensively calcified cells. Little is known about environmental and organism controls on their growth. In this investigation, coralline algae (Lithothamnion glacialeKjellm.) were grown at 8, 11, and 15°C, and temperature controls on algal growth were considered. Calcite density within less-extensively calcified cells inL. glacialewas negatively correlated to summer temperature. No relationships were observed between temperature and calcite density in more-extensively calcified cells or growth-band width itself. Additionally, temperature controls on growth in threeL. glacialethalli over the last 50years were considered. Temperature was negatively related to calcite density in more- and less-extensively calcified cells but showed no consistent relationship with band width.

Climate; coralline algae; dendro-chronology; growth; maerl; rhodolith; temperature

Journal of Phycology: Volume 46, Issue 2

Author(s)Kamenos, Nicholas A; Law, Alan
Publication date30/04/2010
Publication date online27/01/2010
Date accepted by journal29/08/2009
PublisherWiley-Blackwell for Phycological Society of America
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