Evaluating Hub and Spoke Models of Practice learning in Scotland, UK: A multiple Case Study Approach



Roxburgh M, Conlon M & Banks D (2012) Evaluating Hub and Spoke Models of Practice learning in Scotland, UK: A multiple Case Study Approach. Nurse Education Today, 32 (7), pp. 782-789.

Background: Most of UK students' practice learning experience is based on a rotational placement model which often leads to students lacking confidence and feeling anxious about the complexities of the care environment. Objectives: To evaluate the impact of Hub and Spoke model(s) of clinical practice placement across geographically diverse locations, with a particular focus on enhancing the student practice learning experience. Design: Multiple case study design. Setting & Participants: Comprised undergraduate student nurses from Adult, Learning Disability and Mental Health programmes from 3 Scottish Schools of Nursing. Methods: A mixed methods approach which included quantitative and qualitative date tools. Results: All three Hub and Spoke models shared two broad findings: 1) which supports the process with opportunities for individual students to be positively innovative and creative in their learning approaches. Depth of learning was achieved in two ways; a) the method in which Hub placements are organised, managed and structured and, b) the depth of empathy and sensitivity to the individual at the centre of the care.In the three Hub and Spoke models detailed in this paper, there is a continuum of student led learning 2) Engagement of mentors/enhanced student/mentor relationship.Placement capacity is increased: The classification of placements is reviewed to produce broader categories, Conclusions: Practice Learning must be seen as an academic endeavour that promotes deep, meaningful, person-centred learning rather than superficial, compartmentalised placement-centred learning.

Practice Learning; Belongingness; Learning environments; Nurse training

Nurse Education Today: Volume 32, Issue 7

Publication date31/10/2012
PublisherElsevier for Churchill Livingstone

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