Miss Georgia Laverick

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Miss Georgia Laverick

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About me

I completed my Psychology undergraduate degree at Stirling in 2019. Following this I completed my MSc in health psychology at Stirling.

Throughout my masters I developed an interest in illness perceptions and consequent behaviours. I completed my dissertation on illness perceptions of COVID (severity and susceptibility) and how such perceptions influenced hand washing.

I decided to undertake a PhD in health psychology. My PhD is looking at how patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease understand the information they can access, and how they use the available information to make decisions about their treatment. It is hoped that the project will result in a patient decision intervention to allow patients to be more involved in shared decision making regarding their treatments.

I also currently work in the health and social care sector and I am also interested in the health of those with severe and profound learning disabilities. I am particularly interested in the management co-morbid health conditions in this population, as well as access to effective healthcare in these populations.


Crohn's Disease Health based decision making Shared decision making Treatment-based decisions Management of chronic illnesses Health in those with Severe and Profound Learning Disabilities

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