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Miss Corinne Angier

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About me

My initial undergraduate education was in agriculture and forestry and I have a masters’ in forestry and land management. I trained to be a secondary mathematics teacher through an innovative a progressive two-year programme at Sheffield Hallam University. I have 17 years of teaching experience predominantly in schools in challenging circumstances in south Yorkshire but also three years teaching in Orkney. I maintained my connection with Sheffield Hallam where I completed a master’s in mathematics education, and I have a decade of teaching experience in HE. This included project management of the primary mathematics Specialist Training programme which was a DFE funded collaboration with local authorities and acting as the maths lead for Teach First in Yorkshire and Humber. I worked briefly for the Maths Hub programme, for White Rose maths and to devise and deliver maths subject training for Trinity teaching school all of which are part of the Trinity MAT in Halifax. More recently I taught part time on the ITE route at the University of Stirling and have contributed to the PGDE at the University of Sheffield.


I am interested in social justice in the context of mathematics teaching and learning. I am currently researching the opportunities and constraints for addressing global issues in secondary mathematics classrooms in Scotland. My PhD is a collaborative studentship funded by SGSSS and the Scottish development education centre Scotdec. I have previously undertaken research in mathematics teacher education and school mathematics classrooms.

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Angier C (2019) How do beginning mathematics teachers in Scotland understand their role in education for global citizenship?. In: Curtis F (ed.) Proceedings of the British Society for Research into Learning Mathematics. BSRLM Proceedings, 39(2) British Society for Research into Learning Mathematics, University of Birmingham, 07.06.2019-08.06.2019. BSRLM. https://bsrlm.org.uk/publications/proceedings-of-day-conference/ip39-2/

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