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University of Stirling


Mock emergency exercise on campus

An emergency response training exercise is being held on the Stirling campus on Wednesday 29 October. The exercise is being conducted to evaluate the emergency response procedures of the University and local emergency service personnel in a safe and controlled manner.

Led by the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, the exercise will include a simulated emergency incident between 09.30 and 12.00. Staff, students and members of the public are not required to take any action and should not be alarmed if they witness the event or the presence of emergency personnel and vehicles on campus.

In the event of a real emergency:

If staff and students experience a real emergency on the morning of the training exercise which requires the attendance of Police, Fire or Ambulance service, they should follow the standard procedures and contact security: Ext. 2222 (from any internal extension) or 01786 467999 (external).

The University will not be triggering the fire alarm for the emergency response training exercise. Therefore if a fire alarm sounds at any time on Wednesday 29 October, staff and students should treat it as a real emergency and follow the normal emergency evacuation procedures.