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University of Stirling phone and web service interruption

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The University began experiencing problems with its external phone and web service on the afternoon of Wednesday 26 February. The problems identified were:

  • Inability to access external websites from on Stirling campus and the Highland campuses
  • Inability to make or receive external calls from Stirling campus phone system
  • Non availability of the university web site from off campus
  • Inability for staff to send email to/receive email from the internet
  • Inability for students to log on to their email

The University reported the fault to its service provider immediately and an action plan was put in place to resolve the issue. University staff worked overnight and throughout the day with the contractor to help identify the source of the fault and carry out the repair. Initial investigations revealed the situation had arisen as a result of a damaged underground fibre. Normal service resumed from 3.00pm on Thursday 27 February.

We would like to reassure students that where deadlines have been affected as a direct result of the service interruption, mitigating circumstances will be taken into account. Students will not be penalised for being unable to renew library books due to the internet access problems experienced yesterday and earlier today.

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