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The big Baby Boomer debate at University of Stirling

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Is the Baby Boomer generation the most selfish in history?  This is the contentious question to be debated by a panel of distinguished speakers, during a special evening of discussion at the University of Stirling on 31 October. 

Inspired by a passage in Luke Chapter 11 verses 11-12, the event is entitled ‘What father if asked for a fish . . . could give his son a scorpion? – the legacy of the baby boomer generation’.  The speakers will explore questions of morality prompted by Jeremy Paxman’s famous assertion: “I am part of the most selfish generation in history and we should be ashamed of our legacy”. 

The event will be chaired by BBC Scotland's Bill Whiteford and the panel will comprise the eminent Economist and Stirling academic, Professor David Blanchflower, who is a former member of the Bank of England's monetary policy committee; the Rev Dr David Fergusson, Professor of Divinity at the University of Edinburgh; and Mr Sam Gibbs, President of the University’s Students' Union.

Event co-organiser and local minister Rev Stuart Fulton, says: “Recent headlines – from big executive bonuses to tax avoidance cases – invite thought-provoking debate about society and are inseparable from moral notions of right and wrong.

“This event will promote public and theological engagement with these ideas, by providing a platform for lively debate - not limited by restrictive conceptions of religion, Christianity or the Church.  It will bring together world figures from the disciplines of finance and theology, alongside an individual who represents the voice of students – the leaders of the future – to discuss the economic legacy of the recent past and how it will affect the future.”

He adds: “In an age when respected moral codes have been destabilised by relativism and traditional values of community are at loggerheads with dreams of personal success, Paxman’s words encourage deeper reflection and discussion.  For instance, we need to ask ourselves whether the entrepreneurial values of contemporary politics and our individual aspirations for personal success have been sought at the expense of traditional values of social responsibility.

“I would encourage all open-minded people of all generations and belief systems to join us in this exciting event.”

The event is organised jointly by The University of Stirling and Trustees of the Friends of Logie Kirk.  It will take place in the University’s Logie Lecture Theatre on Wednesday 31 October from 7.30 – 9.00 pm.

To reserve a place, contact Suzie Huggins on 01786 46 6054 or email

Further event details here

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