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School of Education forms academic collaboration with Indian university

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The University of Stirling’s School of Education has signed a collaborative agreement with the Maharashtra Academy of Engineering and Educational Research (MAEER), part of Pune University, in India.

The two institutions aim to share good practice and systems in teaching, research and scholarship activities, including teacher education and educational leadership programmes.

Professor Richard Edwards, Head of the School of Education, says that the venture aims to be mutually beneficial and has the potential to deliver positive outcomes across a range of academic areas.

He added: “By entering into this agreement we aim to enhance the capacity of academic staff in our respective institutions and support further development in teaching programmes and research.  

“The School of Education is acknowledged as leading in Scotland in the fields of teacher education and educational leadership. They are also key areas of development for the School of Education in Pune. There is a shared interest in terms of capacity sharing and capacity building.”

A joint application has already been submitted to the UK Indian Educational Research Initiative Fund to support staff exchange and curriculum building. The bid, should it be successful, will support a two way staff exchange which will help the institutions share experiences and support scholarship, research and curriculum building.

Swati Chate, Executive Director at MAEER, added: “Through this collaboration we aim to enhance the integrated curricular approach, create congenial atmosphere to synergise the learning challenges and sharing experiences of our respective institutions.”


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