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Bangladeshi women and their children’s reading


Blackledge A (2005) Bangladeshi women and their children’s reading. In: Cable C (ed.) Primary Teaching Assistants Curriculum in Context. London: Taylor & Francis, pp. 203-210.

As Thelma Hall argues later in this section, children can benefit greatly from their parents’ involvement in their learning to read. Adrian Blackledge’s study of Bangladeshi families found that mothers were very keen to support their children’s reading at home, but were frustrated by the gap between home and school literacy and by schools’ lack of understanding of home literacy practices. Blackledge concludes the chapter with six recommendations to help bridge this cultural divide.

Primary Teaching Assistants: Curriculum in Context

Publication date31/12/2005
Publication date online18/03/2014
PublisherTaylor & Francis
Place of publicationLondon