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Superresolution underwater acoustics



Cuyt A, Lee W, Tijskens E, Hong W, Wang J, Cools T & Geerts T (2018) Superresolution underwater acoustics. In: Proceedings of Euronoise 2018. Euronoise 2018, 27.05.2018-31.05.2018. Crete, Greece: Hellenic Institute of Acoustics, pp. 2845-2850.

We explore the application of some recent results in exponential analysis and sparse interpolation to underwater acoustics, in a joint effort from marine engineers and computational mathematicians. The fact that, in practice, the sampling rate used for the recording of an echoed signal is often a multiple of the Nyquist rate, is regarded as a constraint on the cost and performance of echo sounding devices. Here we illustrate how the latter can be overcome, using a new regular sampling scheme, that can even go well below the Nyquist rate. In the numerical examples an average of 20-25 % of the Nyquist rate is amply sufficient to reliably recognize and reconstruct the echo. The sparse sub-Nyquist method under consideration allows to recover from possible aliasing introduced by the subsampling. The technique does not need newly designed hardware, has low computational complexity and uses a small number of samples.

Publication date27/05/2018
PublisherHellenic Institute of Acoustics
Publisher URL…uronoise2018.pdf
Place of publicationCrete, Greece
ISSN of series2226-5147
ConferenceEuronoise 2018

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Dr Wen-shin Lee
Dr Wen-shin Lee

Lecturer, Computing Science and Mathematics - Division