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Response to Age of Criminal Responsibility (Scotland) Bill - Call for Evidence



Sutherland EE (2018) Response to Age of Criminal Responsibility (Scotland) Bill - Call for Evidence. Scottish Parliament. Equalities and Human Rights Committee, EHRiC/S5/18/ACR/31. Edinburgh.

First paragraph: The introduction of Age of Criminal Responsibility (Scotland) Bill is a welcome and long overdue step that will bring Scots law closer to realising the goal of ensuring that children’s rights are respected fully in Scotland. The following responses to questions (bold, italicised, in blue) asked by the Equalities and Human Rights Committee of the Scottish Parliament are designed to assist in that process.

Type of mediaScottish Parliament's Equality and Human Rights Committee
Title of seriesEqualities and Human Rights Committee
Number in seriesEHRiC/S5/18/ACR/31
Publication date27/06/2018
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Publisher URL…e_Sutherland.pdf
Place of publicationEdinburgh

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Professor Elaine Sutherland

Professor Elaine Sutherland

Emeritus Professor, Law