Sociology of organisation, honourable and deferential


Pierides D & Clegg SR (2019) Sociology of organisation, honourable and deferential. Studi di Sociologia, 2019 (1), pp. 93-104.

In this essay, we draw the attention of scholars contributing to the broad field of organisation studies, especially that part of it that constitutes the sociology of organisations, to a problem regarding the maintenance of social order in practical intellectual life as a university employee. We direct our readers’ attention to the performance-related practices governing Business and Management scholars that are currently contributing to the most acute expression of this problem because they elaborate powerful individuating forces that undermine the existing social order, without putting forward any normative or positive commitment to what a different social order might be that would or should replace what was previously there. Our core concern is that this destructive tendency undermines the sociology of organisation as a legitimate form of social inquiry and ultimately undermines the capacity of organisational scholars to understand and improve social affairs.

paradigms; social order; knowledge; discipline; performativity

Studi di Sociologia: Volume 2019, Issue 1

Publication date31/03/2019
Date accepted by journal12/04/2018