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Keeping the machinery in computing education

Connor R, Cutts Q & Robertson J (2017) Keeping the machinery in computing education. Communications of the ACM, 60 (11), pp. 26-28.

First paragraph: We do not think there can be "computer science" without a computer. Some efforts at deep thinking about computing education seem to sidestep the fact that there is technology at the core of this subject, and an important technology at that. Computer science practitioners are concerned with making and using these powerful, general-purpose engines. To achieve this, computational thinking is essential, however, so is a deep understanding of machines and languages, and how these are used to create artifacts. In our opinion, efforts to make computer science entirely about "computational thinking" in the absence of "computers" are mistaken.

Communications of the ACM: Volume 60, Issue 11

Author(s)Connor, Richard; Cutts, Quintin; Robertson, Judy
Publication date01/11/2017
Publication date online24/10/2017
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