Cognitive screening for people from minority ethnic backgrounds.



Parker C, Philp I, Sarai M & Rauf A (2007) Cognitive screening for people from minority ethnic backgrounds.. Nursing older people, 18 (12), pp. 31-36; quiz 37.

This article explores the reasons why traditional short cognitive tests underestimate the abilities of people from minority ethnic backgrounds living in the UK and assesses the suitability to newer 'culture-fair' tests. The authors offer recommendations on minimising bias in cognitive assessment and conclude that although cultural bias is common in traditional brief screening tests it can be minimised by sensitive administration and interpretation of results. The article also suggests that there are sources of under-performance for minority ethnic elders living in the UK in tests previously thought to be culture-fair.

Nursing older people: Volume 18, Issue 12

FundersUniversity of Sheffield
Publication date31/01/2007
Date accepted by journal06/11/2006