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The Ethics of Dust



Morgan J (2016) The Ethics of Dust. Heritage Futures [Website Blog] 31.08.2016.

First paragraph: This month (August 2016) I visited Westminster Hall at the Palace of Westminster (a UNESCO world heritage site) to see The Ethics of Dust. Commissioned and produced by Artangel, this exhibition by artist Jorge Otero-Pailos consists of a 50-meter long and 6–meter high latex cast of the east wall, generated from a restoration to remove surface pollution. By spraying and then gently peeling off latex, Otero-Pailos has given the Hall a facial. And, like all good facials, it has renewed through a thorough cleanse by lifting over 900 years of accumulated dirt, dust, soot, and grime from the limestone wall. The resulting cast, embedded with this dirt and gently glowing from natural- and spot-lighting, hangs suspended from the roof adjacent to the east wall.

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Publication date31/08/2016
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Dr Jennie Morgan

Dr Jennie Morgan

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