How does parole support reintegration in Tasmania?



Graham H (2018) How does parole support reintegration in Tasmania?. 14th Reintegration Puzzle Conference, Hobart, Australia, 20.06.2018-22.06.2018. http://rpc.conferenceworks.com.au/presentations/does-parole-undermine-reintegration-in-tasmania/

Panel speeches followed by Q&A and interactive panel discussions about parole and reintegration in Tasmania, Australia with Mr Greg Barns, Mr Tony Bull, Dr Hannah Graham and Prof Stuart Kinner. It is argued that the administration of parole in Tasmania is characterised by a conservative approach to the granting of parole and a preparedness to use the powers available under the Corrections Act to revoke or suspend parole. Feedback from prisoners and parolees suggests that the Parole Board and the Department of Justice in Tasmania are overly focused on compliance with the conditions of parole rather than establishing and monitoring reintegration of parolees. This state of affairs is driven partly by the general disposition of those working in the corrections system to operate over cautiously for fear of political and media fallout, and because the Corrections Act does not focus on reintegration. Proposals for reform and how the Act and operation of the Parole Board conducts its processes will be outlined.

Parole; Community Corrections; Reintegration; Prisoner; Parolee; Risk; Politics

Publication date22/06/2018
Publisher URLhttp://rpc.conferenceworks.com.au/…ion-in-tasmania/
Conference14th Reintegration Puzzle Conference
Conference locationHobart, Australia

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Dr Hannah Graham

Dr Hannah Graham

Senior Lecturer, Sociology, Social Policy & Criminology