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Making theory, making interventions: Doing applied scholarship at the inbetween



Pink S, Morgan J & Andrew D (2017) Making theory, making interventions: Doing applied scholarship at the inbetween. In: Pink S, Fors V & O'Dell T (eds.) Theoretical Scholarship and Applied Practice. Studies in Public and Applied Anthropology, 11. Oxford: Berghahn, pp. 97-117.

Academics across the globe are being urged by universities and research councils to do research that impacts the world beyond academia. Yet to date there has been very little reflection amongst scholars and practitioners in these fields concerning the relationship between the theoretical and engaged practices that emerge through such forms of scholarship. Theoretical Scholarship and Applied Practice investigates the ways in which theoretical research has been incorporated into recent applied practices across the social sciences and humanities. This collection advances our understanding of the ethics, values, opportunities and challenges that emerge in the making of engaged and interdisciplinary scholarship.

FundersLoughborough University
Title of seriesStudies in Public and Applied Anthropology
Number in series11
Publication date01/04/2017
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Place of publicationOxford

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Dr Jennie Morgan

Dr Jennie Morgan

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