Research Report

Sport for development and body image for girls


Zipp S (2016) Sport for development and body image for girls. Hogeschool van Amsterdam. Amsterdam, Netherlands.

First paragraph: Sport participation is often thought to provide positive benefits on education attainment, gender equality, self-efficacy and health in developed and developing societies (Levermore and Beacom, 2009). The United Nations Office of Sport for Development and Peace (UNOSDP) recognizes that sport participation can have dramatic effects on young peoples’ lives and support development initiatives. Sport also has the capacity to reduce gender-based stereotyping and discrimination by challenging gender expectations and empowering females to independence and success (Darnell, 2011; Saavedra, 2009; Brady, 2005; Meir, 2005; Hartmann-Tews and Pfister, 2003). In sum, sport often serves as a “social good” or tool for social and economic development.

Publication date31/12/2016
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Place of publicationAmsterdam, Netherlands