On the role of weights rounding in applications of resampling based on pseudopopulations


Andreis F, Conti PL & Mecatti F (2019) On the role of weights rounding in applications of resampling based on pseudopopulations. Statistica Neerlandica, 73 (2), pp. 160-175.

Resampling methods are widely studied and increasingly employed in applied research and practice. When dealing with complex sampling designs, common resampling techniques require adjusting noninteger sampling weights in order to construct the so called "pseudopopulation" in order to perform the actual resampling. The practice of rounding, however, has been empirically shown to be harmful under general designs. In this paper, we present asymptotic results concerning, in particular, the practice of rounding resampling weights to the nearest integer, an approach that is commonly adopted by virtue of its reduced computational burden, as opposed to randomization‐based alternatives. We prove that such approach leads to nonconsistent estimation of the distribution function of the survey variable; we provide empirical evidence of the practical consequences of the nonconsistency when the point estimation of the variance of complex estimators is of interest.

bootstrap; finite populations; probability proportional to size; variance estimation; π‐ps complex designs

Statistica Neerlandica: Volume 73, Issue 2

Publication date01/05/2019
Publication date online07/06/2018
Date accepted by journal22/05/2018