Adaption and adjustment of military spouses to overseas postings: An online forum study


Blakely G, Hennessy C, Chung MC & Skirton H (2014) Adaption and adjustment of military spouses to overseas postings: An online forum study. Nursing and Health Sciences, 16 (3), pp. 387-394.

Little research has examined the impact of being an accompanying spouse on British military foreign postings. The aim of this qualitative study was to investigate the experiences of 13 military spouses from 11 different overseas locations. Data were collected via an online forum and thematic content analysis was conducted. Key findings revealed that, regardless of the location, reactions to overseas posting varied considerably and were related to the military spouse's personality and personal circumstances, as well as their relationship with family, husband and their support networks. Spouses experienced a loss of control over their lives that was in some cases psychologically distressing. The findings corroborate and extend the findings from a previous study that was limited to one location, further highlighting the need for pre-established support resources from the military and healthcare professionals to be readily accessible for all military spouses. Importantly, such support provision may also facilitate the military spouse in regaining some control over their everyday life, enhancing their well-being and the experience for the family. © 2014 Wiley Publishing Asia Pty Ltd.

Military relocation; online forum; overseas; relationship; spouse; well-being; internet-based research;

Nursing and Health Sciences: Volume 16, Issue 3

Publication date30/09/2014
Publication date online17/03/2014
Date accepted by journal26/11/2013