Multi-sited ethnography and the field of educational research


Pierides D (2010) Multi-sited ethnography and the field of educational research. Critical Studies in Education, 51 (2), pp. 179-195.

This paper responds to the challenge of how educational research might be practised in a contemporary world that is no longer necessarily organised by nearness and unity. Focusing on ethnography, it argues for what a multi-sited imaginary contributes to research in the field of education. By giving prominence to the notion of multi-sited ethnography as it has been developed by the anthropologist George Marcus this paper shows how ethnography conceived this way is now necessary in educational research. By bringing together recent concepts from anthropology with educational ethnography, it provides an analysis and reconstruction of how to go about doing ethnography in a world that is characterised by partial connections. To highlight the contributions to education of this research imaginary the paper provides an example of how to approach a specific research topic in this field. In sum, this paper makes a unique contribution to educational research by providing an ethnographic approach for the study of contemporary educational lives.

educational; ethnography; fieldwork; Marcus;, multi-sited ethnography; violence

Critical Studies in Education: Volume 51, Issue 2

FundersUniversity of Melbourne
Publication date07/05/2010
Publication date online05/05/2010
Date accepted by journal15/09/2009
PublisherInforma UK Limited