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Does foam rolling actually do any good?



MacGregor L & Hunter A (2018) Does foam rolling actually do any good?. The Conversation. 13.06.2018.

First paragraph: Foam rolling was once for professional athletes only. These days it’s hard to walk into a gym without tripping over somebody rolling around on a neoprene tube. Dedicated classes in hip New York gyms are frequented by the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker and Shakira. Forget protein shakers, resistance bands or Fit Bits: foam rollers are this season’s must-have gym accessory. The rise of foam rollers owes much to the Israeli engineer and physicist Moshe Feldenkrais, whose pioneering work on body movements to improve muscle function became popular in the 1950s. A black belt in judo, Feldenkrais incorporated them into his system for physical improvement when he came across them in the US a couple of decades later.


Type of mediaThe Conversation
Publication date13/06/2018
Place of publicationLondon

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Professor Angus Hunter
Professor Angus Hunter

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Dr Lewis Macgregor

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