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Globalisation and Higher Education: neo-colonialism, emancipation and resistance



Moufahim M (2012) Globalisation and Higher Education: neo-colonialism, emancipation and resistance. In: Walker M & McLean M (eds.) Essays on Higher Education and Society, vol II Issues in International Higher Education. Jubilee Press Occasional Papers. Nottingham: Jubilee Press, pp. 2-20.

First paragraph: Over the next 20 years, the phenomenon of transnational education will become an increasingly important mode of economic, educational and cultural exchange between countries. Britain is reliant on a continuing influx of overseas students who are also being courted by other nations such as the US, Australia and Singapore. With this overseas student market worth millions of pounds per annum, British universities management and national educational policy-makers, need to determine an overarching strategy for Britain's education system and its global brand.

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Title of seriesJubilee Press Occasional Papers
Publication date01/06/2012
PublisherJubilee Press
Place of publicationNottingham

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