Failure of self regulation of UK alcohol advertising

Alternative title Alcohol advertising: the last chance saloon



Hastings G, Brooks O, Stead M, Angus K, Anker T & Farrell T (2010) Failure of self regulation of UK alcohol advertising [Alcohol advertising: the last chance saloon]. BMJ, 340 (b5650).

First paragraph: Research has established that alcohol advertising, like that for tobacco and fast food, influences behaviour. It encourages young people to drink alcohol sooner and in greater quantities. From a public health perspective, advertising of alcohol should clearly be limited. The United Kingdom has opted for a system of self regulatory controls that focuses primarily on the content of advertisements, with some limitations on the channels that can be used. This is overseen by the Advertising Standards Authority, through the Committee of Advertising Practice, which represents the interests of advertisers, agencies, and media owners.

BMJ: Volume 340, Issue b5650

Publication date20/01/2010
PublisherBMJ Group Publishing

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Ms Kathryn Angus

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