Promotional communications for influenza vaccination: A systematic review



MacDonald L, Cairns G, Angus K & De Andrade M (2013) Promotional communications for influenza vaccination: A systematic review. Journal of Health Communication, 18 (12), pp. 1523-1549.

The authors conducted a systematic review that aimed to map current practice and identify effective practice in promotional communications for seasonal influenza vaccination in Europe. They identified 22 studies from 7 European countries. Included studies were primarily outcome evaluations of communications promoting vaccination to health care workers and elderly adults. Evidence on communications to improve public acceptance was sparse. A range of communication approaches, methods, materials, and channels were used, frequently in combination. All forms of promotional communications have the potential to increase uptake in health care workers and can also improve uptake among patients. There was promising evidence that mass communication methods, delivered as standalone activities or as one component of a communication mix, can improve uptake in target populations. Education for health care workers and improved service delivery are common adjuncts to promotional communications that were associated with effectiveness. The evidence suggests that personalized communications, combined with improved service delivery, might boost rates of uptake among elderly adults. Future development of good practice could be enhanced by more systematic, theory-based intervention design and more detailed reporting of process and outcome evaluations. Vaccine hesitancy is increasingly prevalent; more policy and research to improve public acceptance should therefore be considered.

Europe; influenza; flu; vaccination; systematic review; communication

Journal of Health Communication: Volume 18, Issue 12

FundersNational University of Ireland and European Center for Disease Prevention & Control
Publication date31/12/2013
Publication date online03/12/2013
PublisherTaylor & Francis

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