Climate challenges, vulnerabilities, and food security


Nelson MC, Ingram SE, Dugmore AJ, Streeter R, Peeples MA, McGovern TH, Hegmon M, Arneborg J, Kintigh KW, Brewington S, Spielmann KA, Simpson I, Strawhacker C, Comeau LEL, Torvinen A, Madsen CK, Hambrecht G & Smiarowski K (2016) Climate challenges, vulnerabilities, and food security. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 113 (2), pp. 298-303.

This paper identifies rare climate challenges in the long-term history of seven areas, three in the subpolar North Atlantic Islands and four in the arid-to-semiarid deserts of the US Southwest. For each case, the vulnerability to food shortage before the climate challenge is quantified based on eight variables encompassing both environmental and social domains. These data are used to evaluate the relationship between the “weight” of vulnerability before a climate challenge and the nature of social change and food security following a challenge. The outcome of this work is directly applicable to debates about disaster management policy.

vulnerability; climate challenge; disaster management; prehistory; history

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences: Volume 113, Issue 2

Publication date31/01/2016
Publication date online31/12/2015
Date accepted by journal24/11/2015
PublisherNational Academy of Sciences