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The making of mobilities in online work-learning practices

Thompson TL (2018) The making of mobilities in online work-learning practices. New Media and Society, 20 (3), pp. 1031-1046.

In this study of mobilities of work-learning practices, I draw on sociomaterial theorizing to explore how the everyday work and learning practices of contingent workers are changing through the infusion of web and mobile technologies. I use Ingold’s notions ofbecomingandmeshworkand Law’s work oncollateral realitiesto explore curation of screens, different flows of mobilities and the importance of place to enact work-learning practices that move and mobilize. This study suggests that the making of mobilities is a fluid and provisional process that asks for a more thoughtful and critical posthuman reckoning with human–technology interactions on learning practices and spaces. I conclude with implications of these shifts in new mobilities of work-learning for workers and educators.

Digital devices; meshwork; mobilities; online learning; posthuman; professionallearning; sociomaterial; workspaces

New Media and Society: Volume 20, Issue 3

Author(s)Thompson, Terrie Lynn
Publication date31/03/2018
Publication date online01/12/2016
Date accepted by journal30/09/2016
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