Exploring Ancient Identities in Modern Britain


Bonacchi C, Hingley R & Yarrow T (2016) Exploring Ancient Identities in Modern Britain. Archaeology International, (19), pp. 54-57.;

This brief update introduces the framework of a newly funded research project entitled 'Iron Age and Roman Heritages: Exploring ancient identities in modern Britain' to be undertaken collaboratively by Durham University and the UCL Institute of Archaeology, and supported by the UK Arts and Humanities Research Council (2016–2019)1. The project assesses how the Iron Age, Roman and, via smaller pilot studies, the early Medieval pasts of England, Scotland and Wales are drawn upon today, situating this understanding in an international context (Fig. 1). Through this case study, the project team are also documenting the wider values of interacting with the past for different individuals and groups, and framing a debate that looks for ways to connect up the interests of stakeholders, as well as outlining directions for further coordinated research.

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Archaeology International, Issue 19

FundersArts and Humanities Research Council
Publication date31/12/2016
Publication date online12/12/2016
Date accepted by journal12/12/2016
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