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On the Educational Curriculum in Finance and Technology


Karkkainen T, Panos GA, Broby D & Bracciali A (2018) On the Educational Curriculum in Finance and Technology. In: Diplaris S S, Satsiou A, Følstad A, Vafopoulos M & Vilarinho T (eds.) Internet Science: INSCI 2017. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 10750. INSCI 2017 4th International Conference on Internet Science, Thessaloniki, Greece, 22.11.2017-24.11.2017. Cham, Switzerland: Springer, pp. 7-20.

Recent technological developments have enabled a wide array of new applications in financial markets, e.g. big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, peer-to-peer lending, crowdfunding, and robo-advising, inter alia. While traditionally comprising of computer programs and other technology used to support or enable banking and financial services, the new fintech sector is often seen as enabling transformation of the financial industry. A more moderate and critical view suggests that for the full transformative potential of fintech to be enabled, there is a need for an updated educational curriculum that balances knowledge and understanding of finance and technology. A curriculum that provides a skill portfolio in the two core components and complements them with applied knowledge can support the enabling forces which will render fintech as a true opportunity for the financial service industry and for society as a whole. We attempt a scholarship inquiry into the educational curriculum in finance and technology, aiming to inform this modern educational agenda. We review skills shortages, as identified by firms and experts, and examine the state-of-the art by some of the first educational programs in fintech.

Finance; Financial technology; Fintech; Educational curriculum

Title of seriesLecture Notes in Computer Science
Number in series10750
Publication date31/12/2018
Publication date online13/03/2018
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Place of publicationCham, Switzerland
ISSN of series0302-9743
ISBN9783319775463; 9783319775470
ConferenceINSCI 2017 4th International Conference on Internet Science
Conference locationThessaloniki, Greece