Putting Towns on the Policy Map: Understanding Scottish Places (USP)


Findlay A, Jackson M, McInroy N, Prentice P, Robertson E & Sparks L (2018) Putting Towns on the Policy Map: Understanding Scottish Places (USP). Scottish Affairs, 27 (3), pp. 294-318.

Studies of places have been dichotomised as rural or urban. Towns, however, are neither rural nor urban. Towns have been neglected in research and policy agendas. In England the recent focus has been on high streets whereas in Scotland it has been on places and towns. Understanding Scottish Places (USP) is a web based platform that has become a key tool for evidence gathering, town comparison, knowledge exchange, regeneration planning and informed decision making for Scottish towns. USP is novel and contemporary and is engaging new ways of looking at, and planning in, and for, towns. This paper places USP in the research context and considers its development and use.

Understanding Scottish Places; Scotland; Towns; Planning

Scottish Affairs: Volume 27, Issue 3

FundersScottish Government
Publication date31/08/2018
Publication date online31/07/2018
Date accepted by journal09/04/2018
PublisherEdinburgh University Press