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Book Chapter

Difference and diversity in probation

Gelsthorpe L & McIvor G (2007) Difference and diversity in probation. In: Gelsthorpe L & Morgan R (eds.) Handbook of Probation. Cullompton UK and Portland OR: Willan Publishing, pp. 322-351.

First paragraph: In this chapter we focus on the issue of offenders’ different needs and whether or not it is appropriate to distinguish between them. The issues are central to conceptions of fairness, justice and discrimination. Following some preliminary discussion of what might be meant by diversity and what is known about different groups of offenders’ needs and treatment, we then look at ways in which the Probation service has sought to recognise diversity in both past and current policies and practices – particularly with regard to the notion of ‘criminogenic needs’.

probation; gender; diversity; justice; Probation; Female offenders; Prisons

Author(s)Gelsthorpe, Loraine; McIvor, Gill
Publication date31/05/2007
PublisherWillan Publishing
Publisher URL…oduct=1843921898
Place of publicationCullompton UK and Portland OR
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