Research with Children: The Same or Different from Research with Adults?


Punch S (2002) Research with Children: The Same or Different from Research with Adults?. Childhood, 9 (3), pp. 321-341.

This paper explores seven methodological issues in some detail to illustrate the ways in which aspects of the research process usually considered to be the same for both adults and children can pose particular dilemmas for adult researchers working with children. It argues that research with children is potentially different from research with adults mainly because of adult perceptions of children and children's marginalised position in adult society but least often because children are inherently different. Drawing on classroom-based research carried out in rural Bolivia, the advantages and disadvantages of using five task-based methods (drawings, photographs, PRA techniques, diaries and worksheets) are highlighted in order to illustrate how such research techniques often thought to be suitable for use with children can be problematic as well as beneficial.

children; methodology; task-based methods; visual techniques; written methods; Child development; Children Research Methodology; Child development Research

Childhood: Volume 9, Issue 3

Publication date31/08/2002