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Evaluation of the Arrest Referral Pilot Schemes



Birch A, Dobbie F, Chalmers T, Barnsdale L, McIvor G & Yates R (2006) Evaluation of the Arrest Referral Pilot Schemes. Scottish Executive. Crime and Criminal Justice, Social Research. Scottish Executive, Social Research.

Arrest Referral (AR) is one of a range of recent policy initiatives intended to disrupt the link between substance misuse and offending by improving uptake of services among arrestees whose offending is linked to drug or alcohol use. The development of AR was given new impetus in Scotland by the announcement, in 2003, of Scottish Executive funding for a series of pilot projects. The 6 schemes funded were: Edinburgh & Midlothian (EMARS), Tayside, Renfrewshire, East Renfrewshire & Inverclyde, all extended from existing projects and three new schemes in Lanarkshire; Dumfries & Galloway and Glasgow. All were operated by voluntary sector agencies under contract to the Social Work Department, and were multi-site, except Glasgow. The schemes included a mix of police-based and court-based locations and of police-mediated and direct access to arrestees. The Scottish Centre for Social Research (ScotCen) and the Social Work Research Centre at Stirling University (SWRC) were commissioned to conduct a mixed method, process and outcome evaluation with three largest projects providing case-studies (EMARS, Glasgow and Tayside).

arrest referral; drugs; police; alcohol; Drug abuse Scotland; Criminal procedure Scotland; Criminal justice, Administration of; Prisoners Services for; Drug addicts Rehabilitation

Title of seriesCrime and Criminal Justice, Social Research
Publication date31/07/2006
PublisherScottish Executive, Social Research
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ISBN0 7559 6141 2

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Professor Gillian McIvor

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