Current knowledge on the melatonin system in teleost fish


Falcon J, Migaud H, Munoz-Cueto JA & Carrillo M (2010) Current knowledge on the melatonin system in teleost fish. General and Comparative Endocrinology, 165 (3), pp. 469-482.

Melatonin is a much conserved feature in vertebrates that plays a central role in the entrainment of daily and annual physiological rhythms. Investigations aiming at understanding how melatonin mediates the effects of photoperiod on crucial functions and behaviors have been very active in the last decades, particularly in mammals. In fish a clear-cut picture is still missing. Here we review the available data on (i) the sites of melatonin production in fish, (ii) the mechanisms that control its daily and annual rhythms of production and (iii) the characterization of its different receptor subtypes, their location and regulation. The in vivo and in vitro data on melatonin effects on crucial neuroendocrine regulations, including reproduction, growth, feeding and behavioral responses, are also reviewed. Finally we discuss how manipulation of the photic cues impact on fish circannual clock and annual cycle of reproduction, and how this can be used for aquaculture purposes.

fish; reproduction; photoperiod; melatonin; Fish-culture; Photoperiodism; Fishes Growth

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General and Comparative Endocrinology: Volume 165, Issue 3

Publication date28/02/2010