A new technique to measure soil CO2 efflux at constant CO2 concentration


Subke J, Inglima I, Peressotti A, Vedove GD & Cotrufo MF (2004) A new technique to measure soil CO2 efflux at constant CO2 concentration. Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 36 (6), pp. 1013-1015.

A new principle for measuring soil CO2 efflux at constant ambient concentration is introduced. The measuring principle relies on the continuous absorption of CO2 within the system to achieve a constant CO2 concentration inside the soil chamber at ambient level, thus balancing the amount of CO2 entering the soil chamber by diffusion from the soil. We report results that show reliable soil CO2 efflux measurements with the new system. The novel measuring principle does not disturb the natural gradient of CO2 within the soil, while allowing for continuous capture of the CO2 released from the soil. It therefore holds great potential for application in simultaneous measurements of soil CO2 efflux and its d 13C, since both variables show sensitivity to a distortion of the soil CO2 profile commonly found in conventional chamber techniques

Soil CO2 efflux; Chamber techniques; Stable C isotopes; Constant CO2; Soil CO2 gradient; Soil chemistry; Carbon dioxide Environmental aspects

Soil Biology and Biochemistry: Volume 36, Issue 6

Publication date30/06/2004
Publication date online09/04/2004