Taking a tree’s perspective on forest fragmentation genetics


Bacles C & Jump A (2011) Taking a tree’s perspective on forest fragmentation genetics. Trends in Plant Science, 16 (1), pp. 13-18.

Despite longstanding research, how anthropogenic disturbance affects the genetics of tree populations remains poorly understood. Although empirical evi- dence often conflicts with theoretical expectations, little progress has been made in refining experimental design or in reformulating theoretical hypotheses. Such prog- ress is, however, essential to understand how forest tree species can tolerate anthropogenic disturbance. Further advances in forest fragmentation genetics research will require that processes driving reproduction and recruit- ment in fragmented populations are assessed from a tree’s perspective instead of experimental convenience, using a multidisciplinary approach to explain the spatio- temporal dynamics of gene dispersal. In this opinion article we aim to inspire a new perspective in forest fragmentation genetics research.

Forest fragmentation; population genetics; Forest genetics

Trends in Plant Science: Volume 16, Issue 1

Publication date31/01/2011
Publication date online30/11/2010
PublisherElsevier (Cell Press)