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Goals for Telecare Networks



Turner KJ & Campbell GA (2009) Goals for Telecare Networks. In: Obaid A (ed.) Proc. 9th International Conference on New Technologies for Distributed Systems. Montreal, Canada: Universite de Quebec a Montreal, pp. 270-275.

Telecare supports delivery of care to the home. Telecare networks link devices in the home, and provide access to local and remote services. Since telecare systems require a high degree of autonomy, it is desirable to have automated rules that manage their operation. Telecare systems also require flexibility and adaptability, but modifying their technology normally needs expert intervention. The authors and their colleagues have developed policy-based management as a higher-level, user-friendly way of supporting telecare. This work has now been extended to support abstract goals for telecare. These goals manage the distributed networks, devices and services used in telecare. Goals are automatically refined into policies that are executed dynamically. Sample goals and policies are given to illustrate the approach.

; Management information systems; Telemedicine; Medical telematics

Publication date31/12/2009
PublisherUniversite de Quebec a Montreal
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Place of publicationMontreal, Canada

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Professor KEN Turner

Professor KEN Turner

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