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Pervasive Computing for Home Automation and Telecare



Maternaghan C & Turner KJ (2011) Pervasive Computing for Home Automation and Telecare. In: Shah SIA, Ilyas M & Mouftah HT (eds.) Pervasive Communications Handbook. Boca Raton, Florida, USA: Taylor & Francis (CRC Press), pp. 17.1-17.25.

This chapter discusses how pervasive computing is being used in the home as a technique for managing home automation and telecare. The context and motivation are discussed for the work in these fields. The technical background covers standards, platforms, management and interfaces for home systems. As a particular but typical example, the Homer system being developed at the University of Stirling is described. The philosophy and architecture of this system are explained. The nature of home components is discussed, along with how they fit together into the overall system. Event logic can be used to map between low-level and high-level component events. At policy level, automated decisions based on user-defined rules are made about control of the home system. At goal level, users formulate high-level objectives that are realised through policies. User-friendly interfaces for home management are then presented. Finally, the chapter summarises what has been covered, evaluates the current status of home automation and telecare, and identifies trends and future developments in these fields.

Component Architecture; End-User Programming; Home Automation; OSGi (Open Services Gateway Initiative); SOA (Service Oriented Architecture); Service Platform; Telecare; Mobile computing; Telecare

Publication date30/11/2011
PublisherTaylor & Francis (CRC Press)
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Place of publicationBoca Raton, Florida, USA

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Professor KEN Turner

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