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Goals and Policies for Sensor Network Management



Campbell GA & Turner KJ (2008) Goals and Policies for Sensor Network Management. In: Benveniste M, Braem B, Dini C C, Fortino G, Karnapke R, Mauri JL & Monsi MSH (eds.) Second International Conference on Sensor Technologies and Applications, 2008. SENSORCOMM '08. Washington DC: IEEE Computer Society, pp. 354-359.;

This paper describes a goal-directed, policy-based approach to managing sensor networks in the context of a wind farm. It describes the use of policies to enable end-users to detect and handle events, and discusses how high-level goals can be used to configure both the sensor network and the monitored system. Such use of goals and policies for sensor network management is a new area of research. While this paper discusses the approach in relation to the wind farm domain, the frameworks described are applicable to sensor network management in general.

Sensor Network Management; goals; policies; sensor networks; Management information systems; Wind power

Publication date31/08/2008
PublisherIEEE Computer Society
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Place of publicationWashington DC

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Professor KEN Turner

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