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Goals and Conflicts in Telephony



Turner KJ & Campbell GA (2009) Goals and Conflicts in Telephony. In: Nakamura M & Reiff-Marganiec S (eds.) Feature Interactions in Software and Communication Systems X. Proceedings of the International Workshop on Feature Interactions. Amsterdam: IOS Press, pp. 3-18.;

Goals are abstract, user-oriented objectives for how a system should behave. To be made operational, they are refined into lower-level policies that are executed dynamically. It is explained how previous work on policy-based management has been enhanced with a separate goal system that allows goals to be specified, analysed, refined, and achieved. It is shown how conflicts can arise at several levels among goals, and how these conflicts are detected and handled. Although the approach is general, it is illustrated through an application to Internet telephony.

Call Control; Goal; Goal Conflict; Goal Refinement; Policy-Based Management; System design; Management information systems; Management information systems

Title of seriesProceedings of the International Workshop on Feature Interactions
Publication date31/12/2009
PublisherIOS Press
Publisher URL…ation-systems-x/
Place of publicationAmsterdam

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Professor KEN Turner

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