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Modular Feature Specification



Turner KJ (2001) Modular Feature Specification. In: Gray T (ed.) Proceedings of MICON 2001. MICON 2001, Ontario, Canada. Kanata, Canada: Mitel Networks Corporation.

CRESS (CHISEL Representation Employing Systematic Specification) is a notation and set of tools for graphical specification and analysis of features. It is applicable wherever a system consists of base functionality to which are added optionally selected features. The CRESS notation is introduced for basic diagrams, feature diagrams, and rules governing their behaviour. Although telephony is used to illustrate the approach, CRESS is not limited to this domain. The structure and use of the portable CRESS toolset is explained. CRESS can generate code for a variety of target languages. The strategy for translation to LOTOS is presented, along with some techniques for analysing the generated specifications.

Publication date31/08/2001
PublisherMitel Networks Corporation
Place of publicationKanata, Canada
ConferenceMICON 2001
Conference locationOntario, Canada

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Professor KEN Turner

Professor KEN Turner

Emeritus Professor, Computing Science