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Formalising Graphical Service Descriptions using SDL



Turner KJ (2003) Formalising Graphical Service Descriptions using SDL. In: Reed R & Reed J (eds.) SDL 2003: System Design: 11th International SDL Forum, Stuttgart, Germany 2003, Proceedings. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2708, volume 2708. 11th International SDL Forum, Stuttgart, 01.07.2003-04.07.2003. Berlin: Springer-Verlag, pp. 183-202.;

It is convenient to describe telecomms services using a graphical notation that is accessible to non-specialists. However, the notation should also have a formal interpretation for rigorous analysis. CRESS (Chisel Representation Employing Systematic Specification) has been developed for this purpose. A brief overview of CRESS is given. It is explained how features (additional services) can be defined in a modular fashion, and automatically combined with a base service. Brief case studies illustrate how the approach has been used to describe services in the IN (Intelligent Network), SIP (Session Initiation Protocol), and IVR (Interactive Voice Response). Finally, it is shown how CRESS diagrams are translated into SDL for automated simulation, validation and implementation.

Title of seriesLecture Notes in Computer Science 2708
Number in seriesvolume 2708
Publication date31/07/2003
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Place of publicationBerlin
Conference11th International SDL Forum
Conference locationStuttgart

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Professor KEN Turner

Professor KEN Turner

Emeritus Professor, Computing Science