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A communications-enabled collaboration platform: work in progress


Buford J, Dhara K, Wu X, Krishnaswamy V & Kolberg M (2010) A communications-enabled collaboration platform: work in progress. In: Carle G, Reiser H, Camarillo G & Gurbani VK (eds.) IPTComm '10 Principles, Systems and Applications of IP Telecommunications. IPTComm. ACM IPTComm 2010, Munich, Germany, 02.08.2010-03.08.2010. New York: Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), pp. 155-163.;

Existing online collaboration tools and platforms provide basic communications integration and the ability to include some real-time information sources. For enterprise use there are requirements for extending these tools with better integration with existing intelligent communication systems, simplifying the collaboration life cycle, enabling the collaboration process, and being able to support longterm collaborations in a variety of ways. We present a new model for such a collaboration environment called ConnectedSpaces. Like a number of existing systems, ConnectedSpaces uses a collaboration space as the basic construct. We present important feature sets of ConnectedSpaces, including views, spaces as communication endpoints, space persistence and structuring, and a variety of types of embedded objects. We then describe novel features of the ConnectedSpaces framework, including space history, embedded gadgets and robots, semantic processing, and integration with other collaboration frameworks. Finally we illustrate specific ConnectedSpaces functionality with examples from experimental work.

Collaboration Tools; Enterprise Communication; Feature Sets; Constructivism (Education); Web-based instruction.; Information technology

Title of seriesIPTComm
Publication date31/12/2010
Publication date online31/08/2010
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PublisherAssociation for Computing Machinery (ACM)
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Place of publicationNew York
ConferenceACM IPTComm 2010
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