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A Mobile Knowledge Management and Decision Support Tool for Soil Analysis

Cowie J, Cairns D, Blunn M, Wilson C, Pollard E & Davidson D (2009) A Mobile Knowledge Management and Decision Support Tool for Soil Analysis. International Journal of Information Management, 29 (5), pp. 397-406.

This paper describes the implementation and evaluation of a mobile knowledge management and decision support system to assist archaeologists in dealing with soils. Our view is that provision of a mobile tool which provides access to expert knowledge and a means of recording pertinent onsite information will be of great benefit in ensuring crucial information about an excavation is not lost and that the excavation proceeds in an appropriate manner. In this paper we discuss the tool developed, and detail how it has been evaluated via a variety of workshop sessions with likely users, and discussions with advisory groups.

Mobile decision support; Knowledge management; Geoarchaeology; Soil microbiology Methodology; Internet in arhaeology; Archaeological geology

International Journal of Information Management: Volume 29, Issue 5

Author(s)Cowie, Julie; Cairns, David; Blunn, Martin; Wilson, Clare; Pollard, Edward; Davidson, Donald
Publication date31/10/2009
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