Using pen and paper to control networked appliances


Kolberg M & Magill E (2006) Using pen and paper to control networked appliances. IEEE Communications Magazine, 44 (11), pp. 148-154.

User interfaces to control networked household appliances are often inadequate. Either they are too simplistic or they are too complex and complicated relying on a PC-based interface. Therefore, a user interface that supports complex functionalities and is easy to use is required. In this article digital pen and paper are presented as a suitable interface. Digital pens are only marginally larger than their traditional counterparts, and digital paper is ordinary paper with an almost invisible unique pattern printed on it. Pen and paper are well known to users and thus an important barrier to the acceptance of networked appliances is removed. The approach is integrated with an Open Services Gateway Initiative (OSGi) gateway, thus allowing for flexibility with respect to the protocol used to communicate with the appliance. It is also shown how the approach can be applied to other appliances in and beyond the home.

Networked Appliances; Home Automation; OSGi; Smart Homes; User Interface; Pen and Paper; Home automation; Open Services Gateway Initiative (OSGI); Interactive multimedia

IEEE Communications Magazine: Volume 44, Issue 11

Publication date30/11/2006
PublisherInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)